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History of American Flyer Bikes

Founded by Edmonds-Metzel Hardware Co., of Chicago Illinois in 1918, American Flyer Bikes, AKA “Chicago Flyer” stamped its name in the industry as the “Peoples Brand”.  First, with model trains, motorcycles, and wagons, American Flyer became well known for producing a quality product, for far less than their competitors. After the passing of their founder in 1967, American Flyer Manufacturing Co. seemed to disappear as a business, until it was resurrected by a Southern California local entrepreneur in 1989. 

On the wave of a new millennia, American Flyer cruised its way back to industry headlines, and by the year 2000, became known as “The Best California Beach Cruiser for under $200”. Now, producing a full line of Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s bikes, American Flyer has a ride for the whole family. 

This year American Flyer turns 100 years old and continues to be “The Best California Beach Cruiser for under $200”. With the introduction of multiple bicycle models and following the world-wide trend in E-bikes, AFB has grown to be more than it ever could have imagined back at its inception in 1918. 

With their home, here in Costa Mesa, California, AFB now builds bikes designed to live life as if you were at the beach every day. Whether it is a classic cruiser, Junior’s first bike, or cutting-edge E-bike technology, you are after, visit an American Flyer Bikes shop for the best deal in town! With over a century of history, a name synonymous with quality, and a product that will last you multiple lifetimes, American Flyer Bikes is (and always will be) a brand paramount.

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